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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Breast Cancer Risk

To investigate if adverse circumstances during childhood are associated with subsequent breast cancer incidence.

As part of our program-directed initiatives, CBCRP intends to fund up to one project related to the association of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and breast cancer incidence. 

Empirical data is needed to fill gaps in knowledge regarding how childhood adversity leads to vulnerability to disease later in life.  The growing ACE evidence, coupled with our understanding of windows of susceptibility in the development of breast cancer, opens a potentially fertile new avenue through which to explore prevention of and disparities in breast cancer.

Download the full RFP or review the two types of projects below.

Full Request for Proposal (pdf)

An informational webinar was held on Tuesday, April 4.  You can view this webinar using this link:

Application materials are available on proposalCENTRAL

Up to one project will be awarded to investigate whether childhood adversity contributes to increased breast cancer risk, risk of specific breast cancer subtypes, and/or major risk factors for breast cancer.


Project guidelines

A project responsive to this solicitation will utilize an existing cohort of women, including women already diagnosed with breast cancer (with identified subtypes, pre/post-menopausal, ER/PR/Her2 positive and negative) and appropriate controls.

Applicants may select at least one to two Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or a composite of ACEs to study.  The ACE selection must be justified and supported by existing literature and/or preliminary results of previously conducted research.


Project duration and budget caps

CBCRP intends to fund up to one project.

  • Maximum Duration: 3 years
  • Budget cap for total project direct costs: $600,000