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Funding schedule (dates and deadlines)

We currently have two requests for proposals open in our program-directed initiatives.

Letter of Intent and Application Deadlines

Applications and letters of intent, except the CRC pre-application research plan, must be submitted online through proposalCENTRAL.

The investigator-initiated awards are offered once per year, and program initiatives are offered periodically. The submission deadlines are listed in the table below.

The IDEA and Translational Research Awards require a Letter of Intent (LOI) and a subsequent invitation from the CBCRP to submit a full application. We expect to issue invitations to approximately half of those who submit LOIs. LOI application materials are available on proposalCENTRAL now.

Award type Application item Submission date
IDEA and Translational Research Award LOI (required)
Full application
October 27, 2016
March 9, 2017
Community Research Collaboration Award Pre-application research plan*
Full application
October 24, 2016
March 9, 2017
Conference Awards Full application November 3, 2016
Program Initiative: Proposition 65 Full application February 23, 2017
Program Initiative: Consumer Products Full application April 6, 2017
Program Initiative: ACEs and Breast Cancer Full Application May 11, 2017

* The pre-application research plan is optional, and appropriate for applicants who would like to receive feedback on their research plan prior to a full submission.