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Application and funding process

Application process information for CBCRP investigator-initiated awards.

Before applying to CBCRP for grant funding, consider our background, approach, funding strategy and existing portfolio. Our focus is specifically targeted to breast cancer, so researchers outside this field should cultivate collaborations or develop preliminary data in breast cancer prior to applying. Make sure your research project matches our priority issues and award types.

We are interested in funding novel topics not yet represented in the portfolio of CBCRP or other funding agencies. If you have received prior CBCRP funding, it is especially important for you to distinguish a newly submitted project from past projects. We also encourage you to explore your topic area on the International Cancer Research Portfolio (ICRP).

All applications except conference awards will be reviewed for scientific merit and programmatic relevance in multiple steps:

  • IDEA Award LOI review: The CBCRP council will review and invite applications for those that are most responsive to program award type, research priority issue (topic) and plans for advocacy involvement. Limited feedback will be provided.
  • Application peer review: Out-of-state researchers and advocates will rate applications for scientific merit attributes (e.g., innovation, impact, approach, etc.) and provide written feedback.
  • Final programmatic review: The CBCRP council will review scientifically meritorious applications for programmatic relevance, portfolio balance, advocacy involvement and peer review panel funding recommendations.

The decision to offer funding is determined by a combination of scientific merit and programmatic responsiveness. Applicants will receive a detailed peer review evaluation summary with key points from the review committee discussion and information on the programmatic review and funding decision.

How to apply

All LOIs and conference award applications must be submitted online through proposalCENTRAL.

For forms and instructions for each award type, see application materials for reference. All documents are identical to the ones available through proposalCENTRAL, and must be uploaded in PDF format.

If you have questions about how to apply, contact us.