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Strategy development plan

The Steering Committee has finalized a strategy development plan (pdf) detailing the process for the next four years of the SRI, and to lay the groundwork to expand the SRI research funding. This plan has been approved by CBCRP.

The first review of science in the new phase of the SRI will be conducted on the projects funded in the initial phase of the SRI to explore the process, study questions, lessons learned, and recommendations for future research from the PIs and others.


Stakeholder involvement is a key component of the SRI, as for all of CBCRP. In addition to representation by advocates on the SRI leadership and advisory bodies, interested people will be engaged through several mechanisms, including ongoing solicitation of input through our websites, interactive webinars, and at our CBCRP Symposium.


We have also begun a Policy Initiative to fund public and private health policy research on issues related to prevention, detection, and treatment of breast cancer as well as research into the formulation of policy alternatives that would reduce disparities in the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of breast cancer.