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Funded research

With each cycle of grant awards, we take another step toward our mission: to eliminate breast cancer by leading innovative research, communication, and collaboration in the California scientific and lay communities.

In 2020, the California Breast Cancer Research Program granted over $5 million in research awards that will advance our knowledge about the prevention, detection, treatment and community impact of breast cancer. These awards included grants supported entirely or in part by Californians who contributed to the California Breast Cancer Research Fund on their income tax form. The projects they supported are:

  • GRAton PEsticides (GRAPE): Exposure potential from groundwater and air in California Wine Country
    Jane Sellen, Pesticide Action Network - North America; Peggy Reynolds, UCSF; and Nichole Warwick, Sonoma Safe Ag Safe Schools (SASS)
  • Viro-immunotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
    Shyambabu Chaurasiya, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope
  • Targeting immunometabolism to increase the efficacy of breast cancer immunotherapy
    Michael Campbell, UCSF             

For the entire list of 2020 funded grants and review committees, view our 2020 Compendium of Awards (pdf).

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