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Community & corporate support

In addition to tax form contributions and individual donations, CBCRP has an incredible group of community partners.

We welcome corporate partners, including:

  • Companies to hold tax check-off publicity events at their worksites and to distribute information on the tax check-off program internally
  • Retail companies to promote tax check-off among their customers
  • Professional associations and industries involved with tax preparation to publicize the tax check-off program
  • Business leaders to identify influential colleagues to take leadership roles in the CBCRP
  • Companies to fund long-term research studies, especially with adolescents, costly clinical trials, and conferences and community collaborations with scientists

CBCRP has several major sponsorship opportunities each year:

  • Underwrite the CBCRP symposium, which brings together scientists, breast cancer advocates, and community members for open discussions about the latest breast cancer research findings and results of clinical trials.
  • Underwrite our quarterly newsletter, which keeps the public informed about the latest breast cancer research findings.
  • Underwrite much-needed program evaluations to ensure that CBCRP is funding the science that will bring us closer to curing breast cancer.