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Community Research Collaboration Awards

CBCRP believes that communities affected by breast cancer can take a leading role in research into the disease.

Since 1997, our Community Research Collaboration (CRC) awards have funded community organizations — such as breast cancer advocacy organizations, community clinics and other organizations serving women with breast cancer — to work in teams with well-trained, experienced research scientists. Together, the teams decide which breast cancer questions are most important to them, determine how to study these questions, gather and interpret data, and communicate findings to other community members, scientists, and the public. These teams have carried out sound and reliable research with results that can be applied to other communities. By combining the knowledge and interest of communities with the expertise and resources of research scientists, CRC teams are realizing CBCRP's vision of funding innovative and important research that will reduce the suffering caused by breast cancer and impact public health outcomes. See our list of funded projects.

We invite you to become part of this tradition of innovative community-based participatory research by applying for a CRC award.

Two CRC funding mechanisms are available:

Community Research Collaboration (CRC) Pilot award

The CRC Pilot award supports the initial phase of the project, which includes strengthening collaborations, developing feasible methods and tools, and collecting pilot data.

Project duration & budget caps for the CRC Pilot award:

  1. Maximum duration: 18 months
  2. Budget cap for total project direct costs: $150,000

Community Research Collaboration (CRC) Full award

The CRC Full award funds projects with a fully developed research plan and supporting preliminary data, carried out by a well-integrated, experienced team of scientists and community members. Typically, a CRC Full application is for support of the completion of a research plan successfully carried out with a CRC Pilot award. The CRC Full award will be offered in 2023-2024 funding cycle and the every other year following.

Project duration & budget caps for the CRC Full award:

  1. Maximum duration: Three years
  2. Budget cap for total project direct costs: $600,000.

For both types of CRC awards, non-UC institutions are entitled to full F&A of the Modified Total Direct Cost base (MTDC); UC institutional F&A is capped at 35% MTDC (not retroactive to prior grants).

full call for applications (pdf)

Get started

  1. Get to know our priorities; to be responsive and eligible for funding, each applicant must explain how their proposed research addresses one or more of these issues.
  2. See dates and deadlines to familiarize yourself with the timeline for this funding cycle.
  3. Questions? Considering applying? See guidance and assistance for help with finding a partner, thinking through research ideas or partnership plans and preparing applications for the CRC awards. We also offer an optional pre-application research plan review that provides an opportunity for teams to have their research plans critiqued by active community-based participatory researchers, which can be helpful for learning whether a research idea or partnership structure is on the right track.
  4. Review application materials and get ready to apply.