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Guidance and technical assistance for CRC applicants

Are you curious about how community members and scientists can form teams, receive funding, and conduct breast cancer research together? Have you already formed a team, but have questions about applying for funding?

We offer three ways to get advice and information how to get your community-based participatory research project off the ground and funded.

1. One-on-one technical assistance

We provide free one-on-one technical assistance to help prepare for applying to the Community Research Collaboration (CRC) awards.

If you need help finding a partner, have a partner and want to talk through your research ideas or partnership plan, or have any other question about applying for the CRC awards, contact Senaida Fernandez Poole, Ph.D., (phone: 510-987-0491) to request technical assistance.

2. Pre-application research plan review

You have the opportunity to get your research plans critiqued by active community-based participatory researchers before submitting your formal application. This process can be helpful for learning whether your research idea or partnership structure is on the right track. You can then talk with CBCRP staff about the feedback you receive and get additional technical assistance as you put your grant application together.


  • Research plan submission: November 2024
  • Critiques returned to applicants: December 2024
  • Complete application submission deadline: March 2025

Submission guidelines and procedure:

  • Download and read the guidelines for what is included in a CRC research plan: research plan guidelines (pdf)
  • Download and review the template form for your research plan submission: research plan template form (doc)
  • The cover page of the research plan should include
    • The title of your project
    • The full names, titles, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all of the principle investigators on the project
    • Any specific questions about the research plan that the reviewers should consider
  • The research plans:
    • Must be written in English
    • Cannot be longer than 10 pages for a Pilot Award and 15 pages for a Full Award (references are not included in the page limit)
    • Must be converted into a single pdf file before submitting
  • To submit your research plan for review, please send an email to Senaida Fernandez Poole, with a copy of your pdf file that includes the cover page and research plan (research plan template form (doc))

Please note: The critiques should be taken as technical advice only and will not be considered in the formal review of the application.

3. Webinars

CBCRP offers web-teleconference seminars (webinars). Join us for engaging discussions on getting started, navigating the application materials, and walking through the online submission process. The seminars will be archived, but you are encouraged to sign up and participate in the live session.

Upcoming webinars:

We will hold an applicant informational webinar on Monday, February 12, 2024 from 10am - 11am in which we will describe the requirements and application process for the Community Research Collaboration Awards. Register to join the webinar at:

Archived webinars

The CBCRP records webinars that are held for potential applicants for CRC Pilot and Full Awards. We make webinars available here in the 'Archived Webinars' section.

Watch a webinar from the 2020-2021 cycle