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Award conditions

All grant recipients must satisfy the standard requirements for receiving an award or modified requirements, if appropriate, as determined by the University of California. These requirements include fiscal management, accounting practices, liability insurance, bonding, indemnification of the UC Regents, nondiscrimination in employment and assurances regarding the treatment of animal or human subjects. Applicants do not have to meet these requirements at the time an application is reviewed, but no grant will be awarded until they are satisfied. Also, before an award is disbursed, a prospective grant recipient must satisfy certain stipulations (see application information). CBCRP staff will provide information to assist prospective recipients in satisfying these stipulations.

Intellectual Property: CBCRP does not retain rights to a funded grant's intellectual property. Patentable inventions or discoveries conceived or reduced to practice shall belong to the grant recipient. Copyright works are the property of the recipient. Other discoveries made or reduced to practice which may not be protected by patent or copyright, such as biological materials, plasmids and cell lines, remain the property of the recipient to be licensed in the public interest. The recipient shall use reasonable efforts to achieve expeditious practical application of the patents, copyrights and tangible research results.

Award Conditions