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Strategy Team

For the first phase of Program-directed Initiatives, a panel of experts helped to develop concept proposals that were packaged by the SRI steering committee.

The Special Research Initiatives steering committee appointed a Strategy Team to brainstorm, prioritize, and develop research strategies that will advance our understanding in the areas of the SRI's focus. Using the Gaps document, a database of California resources, and the vision of the SRI as a starting point, the Strategy Team worked together over six months to identify and prioritize innovative strategies that broke through the limitations of traditional biomedical research, to make the most impact. They developed concept proposals that were packaged by the steering committee.

Nancy Adler, Ph.D., UC San Francisco, Health Psychology Program

Martha Arguello, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles

Janice Barlow, BSN, NP, Zero Breast Cancer

Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D., Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope

Vernal Branch, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

Barbara Brenner, JD, Breast Cancer Action

Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, Native American Cancer Research, Corp.

José Escarce, M.D., Ph.D., Rand Corporation and UCLA Medical Center

Harold Freeman, M.D., Ralph Lauren Cancer Center, North General Hospital

Sarah Gehlert, Ph.D., University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration

Joseph Guth, JD, Ph.D., (scroll down) Science and Environmental Health Network

Robert Hiatt, M.D., Ph.D., UC San Francisco, Comprehensive Cancer Center

Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Ph.D., RN, MN, MA, UC Los Angeles, School of Public Health; Community Health Sciences

Jean Latimer, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Center for Environmental Oncology

Michael Lerner, Founder and President, Commonweal

Michael Lipsett, MD, JD, California Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Bob Millikan, DVM, Ph.D., UNC School of Public Health

Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD, MPH, UC Berkeley, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Kirsten Moysich, Ph.D., Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences

Lisa Newman, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, University of Michigan, Breast Care Center

Debra Oto-Kent, M.P.H., Health Education Council

Blase Polite, M.D., MPP, University of Chicago, School of Medicine

Deborah Prothrow-Stith, M.D., Harvard School of Public Health

Cathie Ragovin, M.D., Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D., Northern California Cancer Center

Jeanne Rizzo, RN, Breast Cancer Fund

Charmaine Royal, Ph.D., Duke University, Center for Genome Ethics, Law and Policy

Ted Schettler, M.D., M.P.H., (scroll down) Science and Environmental Health Network

Gina Solomon, M.D., M.P.H., Natural Resources Defense Council

Ana Soto, M.D., Tufts University, School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy & Cellular Biology

Charles Thomas, M.D., Oregon Health & Science University, Dept of Radiation Oncology

JoAnn Tsark, M.P.H., Research Director, Papa Ola Lökahi

Michelle Van Ryn, Ph.D., M.P.H., University of Minnesota, School of Public Health