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A Community-Partnered Approach to Understanding the Social and Systemic Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Risk in Immigrants: Phase 1

The first phase of an initiative to understand why immigrating from a country of low breast cancer incidence to the United States increases a women’s risk of breast cancer and the risk for her children and future generations

We know that immigrating from a country of low breast cancer incidence to the United States (and California) increases a women’s risk of breast cancer as well as the risk for her children and future generations. However, we do not understand why. If we understood and could intervene on the factors that make living in the United States (and California) increase breast cancer risk, we could lower the rate of breast cancer both for immigrants and for anyone else living here.

This initiative aims to advance our understanding of this increase in breast cancer risk through a two-phase approach. The aim of Phase 1 is to bring together the diverse experts, community members, and ideas to lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive Phase 2 study. Our intent is to examine factors that have not been explored in the past. For example, rather than focusing on diet and individual behavioral factors, we are interested in the impact of the social and built environment, the stressors that come with immigration, including related policy and enforcement factors, and the lived experiences of immigrants that might influence breast cancer risk.

CBCRP is sponsoring two open funding opportunities for Phase 1 of this initiative:

  1. A Request for Proposals (RFP) for community-partnered participatory research teams to apply to conduct a one-year exploratory study and participate in a series of workshops to lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive Phase 2 study.
  2. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a convener to facilitate Phase 1 of the initiative by organizing periodic meetings for the research teams and creating a framework for forming collaborations between teams and developing the scope of the Phase 2 study.

These funding opportunities support the generative phase of a larger initiative. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to understand the factors that cause a woman’s risk of breast cancer to increase after immigrating from an area of lower breast cancer incidence to California (which has higher incidence) through a community-partnered interdisciplinary approach focused on the systemic, social, and other interrelated factors influencing breast cancer risk for immigrants in California. The purpose of this generative phase is to lay the groundwork for the larger study by forming academic/community teams and new collaborations between teams, gathering community input, exploring the feasibility and desirability of different approaches, and defining the specific scope of the full study.

Any individual or organization in California may submit an application. The research must be conducted primarily in California.

Download the full Phase 1 Research Teams RFP and Convener RFQ below.



Application materials are available through CBCRP's SmartSimple application and grant management system.

Applications must be submitted by 12:00 pm PST on March 24, 2021.

For questions or more information, contact CBCRP Program Officer Nick Anthis at or (510) 987-0358

Download our flyer for more information

Applicant webinar

We held an informational webinar for prospective applicants on February 9, 2021. The webinar covered the purpose of this initiative, how applications will be reviewed, and how to apply for this funding opportunity using CBCRP's SmartSimple application and grant management system. This webinar was recorded to serve as a resource for applicants going forward.

View the recording

Phase 1 Research Teams

Research teams should be community-partnered participatory research teams, including at least one academic co-PI and at least one community co-PI. Research teams will perform an exploratory study and participate in periodic meetings to learn from one another, form new collaborations, and develop the parameters for the Phase 2 study. Team members are responsible for conducting their proposed exploratory study, attending all meetings and teleconferences, collaborating with the other research teams, and assisting with the development of the scope for the Phase 2 study. Up to five research teams will be selected to participate in Phase 1. Research teams participating in Phase 1 will be invited to form collaborations to submit a proposal for the Phase 2 study, which will only be open to collaborations involving at least two teams participating in Phase 1.

CBCRP intends to fund up to five research teams to conduct community-partnered exploratory studies.

  • Maximum direct cost budget for each team: $100,000
  • Project duration: 1 year

Phase 1 Convener

The Convener for Phase 1 will be responsible for all meeting and teleconference logistics, facilitating collaboration between the Phase 1 research teams, incorporating additional community input into the Phase 1 process, developing the scope of the Phase 2 RFP in conjunction with the Phase 1 research teams, and writing a final report for Phase 1. The Convener may also be a member of a research team, but is not required to be. The Convener may also participate in Phase 2.

CBCRP intends to fund one Phase 1 Convener:

  • Maximum direct cost budget: $100,000
  • Contract duration: 18 months

Nominate Someone to Apply

Do you know of an individual or organization that you think should apply for the research team or convener role? Please nominate them here. Nomination is not required to apply and does not give the nominee an extra advantage in the application process, but any nominee will receive an individual invitation from CBCRP to apply, so please consider nominating those you think should apply.