The following collection of background materials, planning documents, and other reports were used to make decisions for the Special Research Initiatives.

Urgent Unanswered Questions about Breast Cancer

This report presents highlights and summaries of research from Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research, along with some of the ground-breaking research funded through the CBCRP's Special Research Initiatives that seek answers and solutions to the role of the environment in breast cancer, and the reasons why some groups of women are more likely to experience breast cancer. Urgent Unanswered Questions about Breast Cancer

Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research

The CBCRP has commissioned a review of the existing research in the areas of the SRI to ensure that we do not duplicate previous studies and that we fund research in the most promising areas. If you want to be notified of changes and updates to these papers, click here to send us an email and you will be added to the list. If you have comments or additions you would like to suggest for these papers, please click here to send us an email.
Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research

Handouts for the Stakeholder Meetings

To learn more about the scientific highlights presented at the Stakeholder Meetings, please download a PDF of the Powerpoint presentation (PDF).
A Summary of Stakeholder Meetings
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Strategy Development

This overview describes the five phases of the strategy development plan for the Special Research Initiatives. Throughout these five phases, CBCRP senior staff will engage breast cancer advocates and scientists from within and outside of California to assist in identifying research efforts that will significantly impact understanding and progress in the areas of the SRI. The five phases are intended to gather focused, yet broad-thinking ideas, and ensure that all relevant resources are brought to bear on the problems tackled by the Special Research Initiatives. Download as PDF file

Background Papers

In 2003, the CBCRP commissioned position papers on pressing issues in breast cancer research. The response to some of these papers led to the development of the Special Research Initiatives.

Maximizing the Impact of the California Breast Cancer Research Program: Studying Environmental Influences and Breast Cancer
This position paper by Robert Millikan, Ph.D., examines the importance of research on breast cancer and the environment and the benefits and limitations integrating genetic and environmental research.
Millikan-Position Paper
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Breast Cancer in California
A summary report based on the results published in the California Cancer Registry's special report, Breast Cancer in California, 2003.
Breast Cancer in California
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