Advisory Boards

The SRI Strategy Development involved many people, including a steering committee, science advisors, diverse stakeholders in California, a strategy team of advocate and scientist experts, and the CBCRP advisory council.

Steering Committee

The Special Research Initiatives external steering committee includes the CBCRP director, three scientists, and two advocates. These individuals possess outstanding leadership and vision, and committed two-years to this process. Working closely with senior CBCRP staff, this group provided the overall leadership, expertise, and vision to guide the strategy development plan. They oversaw the development of concept proposals by strategy team members and presented their recommendations of concept proposal packages to CBCRP’s advisory council in March 2008.

Science Advisors

In the summer of 2006, the SRI steering committee appointed scientific advisors from various fields to review and finalize the report, “Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research”. Science advisors offered recommendations for research in the Gaps document and participated in brainstorming and rating research ideas.

Strategy Team Members

The Special Research Initiatives steering committee appointed a Strategy Team to brainstorm, prioritize, and develop research strategies that will advance our understanding in the areas of the SRI's focus. Using the Gaps document, a database of California resources, and the vision of the SRI as a starting point, the Strategy Team worked together over six months to identify and prioritize innovative strategies that broke through the limitations of traditional biomedical research, to make the most impact. They developed concept proposals that were packaged by the steering committee.

Conflict of Interest

All participants agreed to and signed the CBCRP Conflict of Interest policy governing the Special Research Initiatives. For information about specific conflict of interest statements completed by individuals participating in the SRI, please contact Catherine Thomsen at the California Breast Cancer Research Program at 888.313.2277 or email