The CBCRP actively recruits researchers outside of the "hard science" arena to apply their skills and explore new ideas for a cure for breast cancer. The following outreach booklets can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat.

Download NowCommunity Research Collaboration Awards 1997 - 2007 (2.06 MB)


This report collects the research funded under one of the program's primary award types. Initiated in 1997, the CRC awards encourage collaborative research between experienced research scientists and individuals, organizations or communities affected by breast cancer, serving women with breast cancerr or actively involved in breast cancer advocacy.

Download NowHealth Policy and Heath Services Research, 1995 - 2003 (145kB)


The CBCRP provides funding opportunities for any research that explores either public policy change regarding breast cancer treatment, prevention, earlier detection, and racial/ethnic differences in breast cancer, as well as the development of strategies to most effectively deliver services to women. Topics of special interest include preventing breast cancer and eliminating the barriers to service delivery.

The CBCRP welcomes input into our efforts to reach out to scientists and community researchers not currently involved in breast cancer research. For more information or to comment, please contact us through our CBCRP Listens feedback page, or call the program at (510) 987-9884.