CBCRP News and Updates

We'd like to hear from you!

CBCRP is interested in feedback from advocates, researchers, clinicians, and the general public. To this end we are placing a feedback page on our web site that will allow interested individuals to communicate with the Program. We will post your comments on the web site under the title, “What Others are Saying” and pass on your comments to our advisory council. Please use this opportunity to comment on all aspects of the CBCRP, including the types of research we should be supporting, our procedures for awarding grants, and the format/structure of the CBCRP web site. Those submitting information will have the option of remaining anonymous.

CBCRP launches fundraising campaign

CBCRP has launched its first fundraising and marketing campaign. The program will be implemented over the next two years. Objectives include establishing an ongoing base of funding, generating awareness of the CBCRP, and initiating partnerships with organizations and companies that will help take our message to the public. Laura Talmus Associates and The Pacific Group, both of San Francisco, will work closely with our Council and Outreach Committee to implement the program.

Coming soon to CBCRP

A “CBCRP in the News” page will be added soon to our web site. It will highlight the accomplishments of our funded researchers, especially when the research has received media interest, such as institutional press releases or newspaper articles.

Watch for the Breast Cancer Research Symposium in 2003

CBCRP will sponsor a breast cancer research symposium in Southern California in September. Watch our web site for the date and location.

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