New Outreach Program Chaired by Paramount Pictures’ CEO

Mhel Kavanaugh-Lynch, M.D., MPH, CBCRP Director
Marion Kavanaugh-Lynch, M.D., M.P.H.
CBCRP Director

With each cycle of grant awards, the CBCRP takes another step toward our mission: to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure breast cancer in our lifetime.

Part of our charge is to communicate research findings and to impact health policy. In the process, we build a bridge of collaboration and education with scientists, advocates, non-profits, the private sector, government, and the public.

In support of our mission, earlier this year we initiated the first development and marketing campaign in our nine-year history. With fundraising, media, and community outreach now underway, we are slated to launch an innovative effort this fall known as the Community Partners Program (CPP). The CPP was created to spread the word about the CBCRP and to offer a platform for broad-based education, participation, and financial support.

Our goal for the Community Partners Program is to attract individuals and groups in the private and public sectors and literally get them involved. Their choices are many—from contributing online, via mail, or through individual income tax forms to sponsoring events or internal communications and enlisting others to support the CBCRP.

At the helm of the Community Partners Program you’ll find a stellar group of accomplished individuals who comprise our newly-formed Executive Committee. They represent a myriad of disciplines and outstanding achievements. Most importantly, they share a passion for supporting the mission of the CBCRP. Please join me in welcoming Sherry L. Lansing (chair), Gary Erickson, Faith Fancher, Linda Griego, Judith H. Guggenhime, Dr. Susan Love, Lucy McCoy, Dr. Maria C. Pellegrini, Dr. Marilyn Rosenwein, and Steve Soboroff.

Our executive committee will spearhead fundraising and outreach efforts over the next year. In their front-line capacity, they will complement our development and marketing campaign. We are truly grateful for their commitment to action.

Throughout the year, we’ll also make it easy for you to personally participate in the campaign or stay up to date on news and events. You can start by taking a look at our redesigned Web site. As you’ll see, it is a new bridge of communication between scientists and the public, addressing the needs and interests of both. In a broad sense, the Web site echoes an overriding theme you heard at our last symposium, From Research To Action.

As we continue our campaign and launch the Community Partners Program, I find myself remembering what this effort means to achieving our mission, and why it’s so important. We are providing the people of California—who are directly responsible for the funding and future of the CBCRP—with a tangible vehicle to support and participate in the CBCRP.

I urge you to join me in supporting the Community Partners Program in any way you can—personally and with people you know who may be interested. I encourage you to contact us with your ideas.