Welcome to Our New Council Members

Katherine McKenzie, Ph.D.

The Breast Cancer Resarch Council (BCRC) is the expert advisory body for the CBCRP. This year will see the arrival of the greatest number of new members to the BCRC since its inception nearly ten years ago. There will be an approximately even mix of returning council members and new ones.

The new BCRC chair, Anna M. Wu, and returning vice-chair, Sandy Walsh, will guide the reconstituted council through their continuing projects, which include setting CBCRP funding priorities, developing new ways to work with industry to move successful research more quickly to the public, optimizing CBCRP’s interaction with the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program, and planning the 2003 statewide symposium. Together they will build on the hard work of previous councils to generate new opportunities for CBCRP to make an impact on breast cancer research.

The seven new members to the council who will serve on the BCRC until 2005 are listed on the right:

Advocate Representatives:

  • Vicki Boriack, Women’s Health Alliance, San Jose
  • Janet Howard-Espinoza, Women of Color, Los Angeles
  • Debra Oto-Kent, M.P.H., Health Education Council, Sacramento


  • Dorothy Bainton, M.D., University of California, San Francisco
  • Robert M. Kaplan, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Medical Specialist:

  • Michael Figueroa, M.D., Cancer Care Consultants, Redding

Private Industry Representative:

  • Jacqueline Papkoff, Ph.D., diaDexus, Inc., South San Francisco

Welcome to all of the new BCRC members. The tasks ahead are challenging, but with the infusion of new council members and the experience of continuing ones, we are looking forward to a fruitful year.