The Results of the “Give us YOUR 2 Cents” Vote at the 2002 Symposium

Janna Cordeiro, M.P.H.

Everyone who attended the Symposium received a “Give us YOUR 2 cents” flyer with two pennies attached. We asked participants to stop by the CBCRP booth to vote for the CBCRP priority issue that they felt would make the largest impact on breast cancer in the next three to five years. At the booth, we had piggy banks for each one of our priority issues and symposium participants could either divide their pennies between two priority issues or put both of their pennies into one. Participants at the symposium cast a total of 734 votes. Prevention got the most votes, coming in at 141, with earlier detection in second with 113 votes. See the graph for the tally of all the votes cast.

Thank you to everyone who enthusiastically participated in this small way to get more input into CBCRP’s priority-setting process. The CBCRP Council will use the results to help set future funding priorities for CBCRP.

Results of the 2002 Tw0-cents Vote

If you have further comments about the two cent vote or would like to let us know how and where we should be focusing our efforts, feel free to use the “CBCRP Listens” board on our Web site,