Looking Towards the Future

Special California Resources

Respondents identified the following resources unique to California:

Ways to address underserved and diverse Californian populations

Suggestions from respondents included:

Significant Impact

Can CBCRP make a significant impact on understanding, preventing, treating, and curing breast cancer with the current level and approach to funding?

Further Research

Additional Support for Advocate Reviewers

CBCRP may benefit from additional research into how to better support and train advocate reviewers. For example, one advocate suggested pairing each advocate with a scientific mentor. Additional inquiry could help to generate further suggestions to improve and support advocate inclusion in the peer review process.

Lessons Learned

CBCRP reviewers represent a good source of information, expertise, ideas and feedback.

Data gathered from this effort confirm CBCRP's staff anecdotal information which indicates that staff and reviewers communicate adequately about these issues.

Future Surveys

To increase participation and validity of the data, CBCRP may need to:

New Directions

Suggestions to disseminate research findings