A written questionnaire and focus groups were utilized in the study. First, a written survey was created by staff members and sent on a computer disk to all reviewers. The survey asked reviewers to evaluate CBCRP's priority areas, award types, current scoring procedures, inclusion of advocates in the process, and the research portfolio. The CBCRP staff encouraged participation by sending out an accompanying letter and asking for the survey during the review committees. All data collected have been kept confidential by CBCRP staff.

During the review committee meetings in San Francisco, focus groups were held and facilitated by one of the reviewers. The focus groups lasted between 45-60 minutes. Each focus group leader asked the reviewers to imagine themselves in three roles:1) a member of CBCRP; 2) a potential applicant to the CBCRP; and 3) an evaluator attempting to measure the impact of CBCRP funding. In each role, the participants were asked various questions to help guide CBCRP evaluation efforts and future decision making processes at CBCRP.

Description of the Sample

A total of 52 (62%) reviewers responded to the survey. Of those 52, 12 (25%) were breast cancer advocates. Twenty (38%) of the respondents were first time CBCRP reviewers, 19 (37%) had one year experience reviewing for CBCRP, and 13 (25%) had at least 2 years experience. Please see the figure below for a distribution of respondents by their review committee.