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Breast Cancer Advocacy

Breast Cancer Resources in California

Bay Area

Southern California

Funding Agencies

Illinois Department of Public Health
Office of Women's Health
535 W. Jefferson
Springfield, IL 62761

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Research Grants Program
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02108

New York State Breast Cancer Research & Education Program
Wadsworth Center
Empire State Plaza
P.O. Box 509
Albany, NY 12201

Pennsylvania Department of Health
Breast & Cervical Cancer Project
P.O. Box 90
Harrisburg, PA 19002

Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative
National Cancer Institute of Canada
10 Alcorn Ave., Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M4V 3B1

Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Breast cancer history and local chapters.

Research and Medical Information

Community Collaboration

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health foster partnerships between communities and educational institutions that build on each other's strengths and develop their roles as change agents for improving health professions education, civic responsibility and the overall health of communities. Free Community-Based Participatory Research listserv .

The Loka Institute is a non-profit research and advocacy organization concerned with the social, political, and environmental repercussions of research, science and technology. They have several publications about Participatory Action Research.

The TIE Core at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies has published a manual on conducting collaborative research projects. The manual is written for HIV service providers and researchers but has broader relevance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established the Committee for Community Engagement in October 1995. The Committee work resulted in Principles of Community Engagement, which provides public health professionals and community leaders with a science base and practical guidelines for engaging the public in community decision-making and action for health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention.

"Community-Based Participatory Research: A Partnership Approach for Public Health" (registration required) is a free instructional CD-ROM/download, offered by the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center and the Michigan Public Health Training Center, to introduce community-based participatory research (CBPR) to people who are in the early stages of using or considering using CBPR. It is designed for academic researchers from multiple fields, including public health, education, nursing, medicine, social work, urban planning, and for health and human service practitioners, and members of community-based organizations. The training is divided into five sequential parts:
    - Rationale, definition, and core principles
    - Strategies for forming, maintaining, sustaining, and evaluating CBPR partnerships
    - Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and interpretation
    - Dissemination and translation of research findings
    - Benefits, challenges, and recommendations for using CBPR for research and social change
Information about availability of continuing education credits can also be found on You may also register by phone by calling the Michigan Public Health Training Center at 734.615.9439 (Course code: CBPRR0909).

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